With a block being forged every 20 seconds, there are presently over 6 million blockchains on Cardano - a proof-of-stake blockchain platform aimed at environmentally sustainable cross-domain growth and development built on pro-active peer-reviewed research, implemented through robust governance processes and supported by a dedicated and supportive community.

Take a moment to reflect and admire the sheer vastness of the ever-growing Cardano Blockchain with an artistic lense through this 40-gigapixel artwork; a snapshot of every blockchain forged on Cardano.
  • Artwork Dimensions: 204,910 x 191,690 pixles (h x w)
  • File Size: 7.34 GB
  • EPOCHS 0 - 289 (upto Alonzo HF)
  • 6,236,235 blocks
  • 4,640 colours (16-colour palette per Epoch)
  • Epoch Colour Map: Work(s) in progress - coming soon!
  • Each blockchain is unique and can never be duplicated
  • An alogrithm has computationally generated a set of 64-tiles in the language of colours to represent each and every individual blockchain's raw data
  • The applet allows you to view this output at different magnifications - give it a shot by using your mouse wheel or pinch on mobile devices to zoom!
  • Future update: Time allowing, we will add more epochs (beyond the Alonzo hardfork) but sincerely hope that you enjoy our efforts to bring this artwork to the community!
  • You can now purchase NFTs of this artwork - split into sets of 64-Blockchains per NFT for every epoch [Visit 64-BLOCKS NFT Minting]